Full list of Python Materials

In the Spotlight …

Try out simple number crunching code in Python, NumPy, Cython, Numba (inc GPU version) with timings.

Contributed by Daniel Smith (MolSSI).

(NEW) Jupyter for Science User Facilities and High Performance Computing Blog entry by Rollin Thomas (Big Data Architect, NERSC) on supporting Jupyter at HPC centres and other scientific facilities

Jupyter and HPC: Current State and Future Roadmap
IDEAS Webinar Series 2018, Matthias Bussonnier, Shreyas Cholia, Suhas Somnath

Using and Scaling Python
ALCF Simulation, Data, and Learning Workshop 2018. William Scullin (ALCF) and Oleksandr Pavlyk (Intel)

Python in HPC
IDEAS Webinar Series 2017, Rollin Thomas, NERSC; William Scullin, ANL; Matt Belhorn, ORNL


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